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Branding Guidelines {Logo Design}

One of our clients is starting a new remodeling and painting company. He had no idea what he wanted for a logo, just something "cool and simple but that would really stand out on our t-shirt and business cards. I want red and black. And I want it to be bold." That's branding! And it's exactly what every business owner should be thinking about.

Understanding the power of your brand is critical. Having a strong brand is obviously advantageous. You want people to think of your brand when they think of your market.

When creating a brand identity (and we can help!), you'll want to establish these defined guidelines that cover all of the following elements in your field:

• Logo

• Brand colors

• Taglines

• Imagery

• Mascots and spokespeople

• The "voice" used in your branded materials

Branding is everywhere in our daily lives.  It makes your product or company immediately identifiable and hopefully memorable. Subconsciously we make decisions all day long based on the brands we instantly recognize. 

Organized Kaos Media takes pride in each step of the branding process. Let's create your perfect logo which will set the stage for your company's branding. We can move on to your printed products, website design and digital and video marketing. We'll take the guesswork out of the branding chaos.